Jess : Curious, happy, adventurer.

Loves books / A cat lady who also loves dogs / Adventurer at heart / Slytherin / Between House Lannister & Targaryen /Airbender/ Tea and Coffee drinker/ Love for Elves, but enjoys the Hobbits' lifestyle / Horror/ Loves to sing / ♥ Europe / Whovian / Sherlockian/ Loves Nerdy and Geeky stuff / Mythology /Chocolate addicted/ Runner /Caffeine lover/ Trying to keep a fitness and healthy lifestyle / Loves Arts, literature and History/ Roller Coaster freak / skydiving/ Ikebana/ photography/ Steampunk / Crazy for Music / I love to travel and I Want to visit all the world /Studio Ghibli/ Wannabe Writer / Japan/ Loves to watch movies and tv /shows / Gamer.


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